• PT. Dachin Etech Global (hereinafter referred to as "DACHIN"), headquartered in Singapore, is a data-driven Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand creator targeting consumers in Southeast Asia, with a strong focus on the Indonesia market.


    The core competence of DACHIN lies in its data collection and analytics engine, which processes, analyzes, and utilizes data from multiple touchpoints experienced by its customers throughout their journey with DACHIN's brands. This comprehensive customer profiling enables the creation of captivating DTC brands tailored to meet the evolving demands and consumption behavior of its customers.


    DACHIN's managed brands span across three categories: Lifestyle (ecentio, freemir, AONEZ, COOGER), Consumer Electronics (ECLE, INBEX, Mobeo), and Beauty (HerBaay). Each brand achieves remarkable sales performance on various online marketplace platforms. For instance, ecentio is the top-selling lunch box and water bottle brand, freemir leads in cookware sales, and INBEX is the number one photography accessories brand across Indonesia.


    DACHIN strives to build an all-encompassing ecosystem to enhance its customers' brand experience throughout their journey. Key components of this ecosystem include DACHIN's in-house distribution and fulfillment capabilities, which not only ensure prompt delivery but also analyze, process, and leverage post-sale data to cultivate a deeper understanding of its customers, and its Performance Marketing expertise that drives customer acquisition and engagement.


    DACHIN's sales channels encompass a diverse range of platforms, including online B2C & B2B marketplaces, offline B2B & B2C , social commerce, and private channels. This omnichannel approach allows DACHIN's brands to reach a wide audience and cater to various consumption preferences.


    By focusing on customer satisfaction and being a DTC brand creator that continually touches the heart, DACHIN aims to deliver sustainable value for customers and employees alike. The company's dedication to data-driven innovation, underpinned by its deep understanding of customers and expertise in performance marketing, sets the foundation for its continued growth and success in Asia.